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Fresh Shrimp


Medium pink shrimp  $10.95 per lb

Large pink shrimp       $12.95 per lb

Jumbo pink shrimp      $14.95 per lb

Colossal pink shrimp   $16.95 per lb

Rock Shrimp                  $13.95 per lb

Add steam $3.00 per lb 

None of our shrimp are pre-cooked. We steam to order. No need to call ahead for steamed shrimp just walk in and wait no longer than 5 minutes.

Add peel & devein $3.00 per lb

Peeled and Deveined shrimp are a call ahead order.  

Please allow at least 30 min per LB for Peel & Devein shrimp. 

We offer steaming 9AM-6PM if you have any troubles with this service please call and ask for a manager.

Spiny-Tail Lobsters                      $40.95 per lb 

Bulldozer (Rock Lobster)             $20.95 per lb 

Sea Scallops (Chesapeake Bay)    $30.95 per lb 

Snow Crab                                      $26.95 per lb 

Smoked Mullet Fillet                     $16.95 per lb 

Smoked Salmon Fillet                   $19.95 per lb

Fresh Super Claw Crab Meat       $28.95 per can 


Frozen 2lb Boxes 

26/30 (medium)             $19.95 

21/25 (Large)                   $23.95 

16/20 (Jumbo)                 $27.95 

10/15 (Colossal)               $31.95 

Call 24 hours in advance to have 2lb boxes made.

Shrimp Platters 

Homemade dips & sauces 

8oz Homemade Cocktail sauce       $2.99

8oz Homemade Stone Crab sauce  $3.99

8oz Horseradish                                $1.99

8oz Garlic Butter                                $2.99

8oz Smoked Mullet dip                     $9.95

8oz Smoked Salmon dip                   $12.95

Blue Crab dip                                     $16.95 

16oz shrimp salsa                              $17.95 

5lb medium platter                        $90.99

5lb large platter                              $100.99

5lb jumbo platter                            $110.99  

5lb colossal platter                         $120.99

10lb medium platter                      $175.99

10lb large platter                            $195.99

10lb jumbo platter                          $215.99

10lb colossal platter                       $235.99

Peeled & Deveined 

Stone Crab 

Medium stone                $39.95 per lb 

Large stone                    $43.95 per lb    Jumbo stone                   $47.95 per lb  

Colossal stone               $51.95 per lb

These prices may fluctuate due to availability


From the Freezer 

20 oz Lobster Bisque                         $10.95

20 oz Clam Chowder                         $10.95

20 oz Shrimp&Corn soup                 $10.95

Key Lime Pie                                       $15.95

Crab Cakes (4 pack)                           $16.95 

*Selection varies daily depending on seasonal regulations, availability, and price.*

Fresh Fish 

                  3 Main Fish

Grouper                            $30.95 per lb

Snapper                            $30.95 per lb

Tuna                                  $25.95 per lb

Triple Tail                       $28.95 per lb

Hog-Fish                         $28.95 per lb

Mahi-Mahi                      $23.95 per lb

Sword fish                      $23.95 per lb

Salmon                            $23.95 per lb

These prices may fluctuate due to availability 

We carry Grouper, Snapper, & Tuna daily call to find out our other selections for the day 

Frozen 5lb Boxes 

10/15(Colossal)                                    $79.95

16/20(Jumbo)                                      $69.95

21/25(Large)                                        $59.95

26/30(Medium)                                  $49.95

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